18 may 8 pm
Auditori de Girona


The Tables Will Turn EP marks the grand return of Senegalese singer Faada Freddy after a long recording silence since his debut album The Gospel Journey in 2016. That album led to a 300-concert tour around the world
Tables Will Turn confirms an uncompromising musical approach where the only resources are human "My music is 100% organic and 0% technological" sums up Faada to evoke a device, already tested in The Gospel Journey that requires the mouth and body to imitate the sound of instruments
"When all your dreams seem to dissolve into a cloud of confusion, remember it's only a passing storm." This is Faada Freddy's way of remembering that there is a time for everything, for adversity and for the 'success, according to a philosophy close to that taught by gospel, a musical genre to which Faada reaffirms her link here. But also in relation to the very foundations of her art from her beginnings in the famous rap duo Daara J, the whose name means "the school of life" in Wolof.
Unique concert in Spain