In September 2020, the Black Music Choir was born, a formative initiative for young people at ages from 10 to 25, in an a cappella singing choir of Black Music, based on styles like soul, R&B, Funk, rap, Beatbox etc... Rehearsals take place at the factory Coma-Cros de Salt, with a weekly session of almost two hours.
The main objective of this local initiative, beyond learning how to sing these styles, is to perform everywhere and, of course, at the Black Music Festival and the Girona A Capella Festival, and to create a formation where young singers from Girona can find the perfect conditions to develop and complement their musical training.

Registration and information

This a cappella singing choir is a production of the Girona A Cappella Festival, Black Music Festival, and the Fundació Casa de la Música de les Comarques Gironines.