15 may 6pm
Plaça Independència

That the sea songs of two hundred years ago, the so-called Sea Shanties, would go viral on Tik Tok was something few could have imagined, but that one of the promises of the genre is a band from Barcelona is even more unusual. They are El Pony Pisador, a folk group that mixes traditional music styles from around the world, with a special emphasis on sea music. The Sea Shanties are seafaring songs from the time of the great trade routes, which were used to accompany the tasks on board. In recent years, sea shanties have been relegated to minority areas in their countries of origin, and were completely non-existent in Catalonia. In fact, El Pony Pisador are the only group in the state that performs regularly in their repertoire. The Pony Pisador has been bringing sea shanties to Catalonia for some time now, translating them and adapting them to Catalan.

 This November 2021 they released their latest album "It's never too late for shanties" which includes 13 songs featuring vocals and vocal arrangements. For the concert that will take place at the Acapella Festival, they will perform a performance starring the sea shanties included in their latest album, but we will also be able to listen to habaneras, sardanas, canto tenore and other acapella music from their previous works. It will be a concert where you can enjoy the vocal side of the group and its consistency in vocal harmony, but without forgetting their successes.