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Capella Polifònica de Girona

Wednesday 15 de May de 2024 | 21.00h

Monestir de Sant Daniel, Girona | 5 €

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This year the Polifònica de Girona premieres a new program. This is a repertoire that in 2023 received a Girona Crea grant from Girona City Council for its composition; a program of traditional Catalan songs related to carlinades that tell stories of carlins (Traditionalist fighters), smugglers, bandits and other characters, set in the landscapes of Girona region.

The choral performance is combined with readings of texts by Marian Vayreda and witnesses of the time, contributed by the archive of the Monastery of Sant Daniel, by the actress Clara Mir.

The a cappella arrangements, created for this project by Martí Ferrer, conductor of the Capella Polifònica de Girona, are based on traditional Catalan polyphony techniques, which are the same throughout Occitania and, by extension, the Mediterranean, but with a modern harmonic conception.

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